Tragic Flooding

The weather across the country the last week or two has been less then pleasant. There has been very strong winds and the rain does not seem like it will ever stop. This weather has brought a lot of damage to peoples property such as floods damaging cars and the wind blowing the roof off sheds and knocking tiles off the roof of houses. In some areas people can not even leave their houses the flooding is so bad. This is not the type of weather people want coming up to Christmas, people want to be able to go into town and walk around while they do their Christmas shopping during the festive season. There has been several weather warnings for people to stay inside and not to go out in the awful weather, that it is unsafe to do so. This weather has been trouble for people trying to run a business also. Shops are getting flooded and people are doing their best to try and keep it out by putting sand bags in place and trying to pump the water out. It seems to be calming down a bit but the water still has to be cleared away. Hopefully it will all calm down in the next week so that people can have a relaxed Christmas and do not need to worry about waking up and having their property under water.


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