Building Personal Brand

To build a personal brand you have to get it across on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram so people know what you are promoting. It is important that if people look up your name to take a look at your brand that there is no inappropriate content you have to make sure to keep it professional so people will take you seriously. So try and make sure that you are not posting inappropriate content on your personal pages because a future employer could see this and it would not look good. A good way to get a message across would be to start writing blog posts. If you have interesting content people will want to know more about it.

Make your own website and signing up to sites such as Linkedin can be beneficial to building your brand. You can have all of your qualifications on these sites and what experience you have for employers to see and you might get a job offer as a result of this. Make sure you do not put up any false information about your brand and yourself. Having a personal brand will open up new opportunities in the future in terms of employment and also expanding your brand.

Being a well known sports star would be a huge advantage in building a brand. People already know of you and will be interested to see what you come up with. We have seen this with rugby player Tommy Bowe with his clothing brand which has proven a huge success.




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