Padraig O’Connor Persona

Your persona is how people see you and how you want people to see you. The purpose of a persona is the impression you give out to the public for example how people would see a professional athlete for example if they come across ignorant or if they are a people person. I think it is important to have a good persona so that people have a good impression of you.

If I had to describe my persona I would say I am a competitor who is someone who gets a drive and energy from the outside and likes to win. I do not  think this is a bad persona to have because it could also mean that I am hard working because I like to have an edge on my peers either in sports which would be GAA or even in college and every day life. It says that many competitors like Professional sports and business where it is essential to compete to survive, I would agree with this because nobody likes to lose. You get a great buzz from doing well in something such as winning a hurling final or doing well on an important test. I think this is an important attribute to have to succeed in life.



For more work on personas go to


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